AuctionAlly Designer Documentation

AuctionAlly Designer Documentation

The designer will start with example settings. Tweak to your heart's content to make it to your liking.

eBay Region

Simply the part of the world where your eBay shop is hosted.

eBay Username

eBay username (not a shop name).

Items Per Page

The number of items to show on each page of your embedded shop.

Parameter Pass

Optional, but may be useful depending on the URL of the page you are embedding in. Say your web page has a URL something like Then if you put 'pagenumber' in the parameter pass input then your shop will embed gracefully with your web page and retain that possibly essential part of the URL.

You can specify more than one parameter, just separate them with commas.


If you change any of the values above the 'Load' button then you need to click on the button to update the designer.

Shop Background

The main background so as to match or contrast with your site.

Item Width & Height

The width & height of one item in the shop display.

Item Margin

The space between items.


If you choose to set a border this will control how thick it is.

Border Colour

As you would expect this controls the colour of the border, if applied.

Border Radius

The curvature of the corners.

Image Area Height

With this control you can adjust the space devoted to the item image.

Image Width Max & Image Height Max

Further control of how big the actual image is itself.

Image Background

The colour to show behind the image.

Image Padding

Allows you to tweak the surrounding space of the image.

Image Align

Positions the image to left, centre or right.

Title Background

Controls the background colour of the text/description area.

Title Height

Adjusts the area where the text is shown.

Title Align

Pushes the text to the left, centre or right.

Price Colour

Sets the colour of the price.

If an item is an auction then a hammer will appear to the left of the price.

Price align

Positions the price to the left, centre or right.

Font Size

Set's the size of font to use.

I figured that most people would let it inherit the font family you are using on the page the shop is embedded in. But you can tap into the CSS if you want to set it yourself. Ask on the forum if you need help with that.

Font Colour

Simply the colour of the font.

Show Arrow

Just a little embelishment to add an arrow graphic to the item between the image and the text.

Design Bookmark Link

Rather than saving your design on site you can simple click on this link and the design will be loaded into the URL. All this really means is that you can then bookmark the page in your browser and then come back to it again later.

Get Embed Code

This will present a pop up with the code you need to add to the page you are embedding the shop. This is a little javascript that connects with the server at AuctionAlly and then generates your shop for you.


Remember that if you change anything above the 'Load' button then click on the 'Load' button to refresh the designer. This will make your design link bookmark and the embed code up-to-date.

With all the colour settings in the designer you can manually enter a hex value into the text box input or use the colour picker accessed by clicking on the input box.

Similarly you can either use the sliders to adjust the settings or type something into the text boxes.

Navigation will be added to your shop as it is embedded - this will be styled based upon the what you come up with in the designer.

Hopefully I have coded it so that every element in the shop has an id or class, so if you want to customise further then you should be able to.